With the possibility of returning to doing sports outside, wearing a face mask that guarantees safety and at the same time is comfortable and functional is now essential.

With a long experience in the production of sportswear that ensures freedom of movement and lightness, we immediately thought about how to facilitate the resumption of physical activity even in this new mode.

For this reason we have designed and produced perfect face masks for sportsmen: zero seams, they adhere perfectly to the face, are ergonomic, follow the face lines, with a neck lacing that does not irritate the ears and allow you to take it of and put it back on when necessary, without the hassle of having to hold it in your hand when not needed.

Breathable and resistant to humidity, they are pleasant to wear because they remain dry and soft all the time during exercise.

Made with special and precious technical fibres, 90% of which are silver ions, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, they are washable without limits, dry very quickly and can be folded and kept in your pocket without fear of breaking or creasing them.

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