Also joining the Kynotex Pro Team is Davide Arici, national and international crossfit competitor and trainer, who has chosen Kynotex sportswear for his daily sporting activity.

Being the ambassador of an Italian project like Kynotex makes me proud” explains Davide: our sportswear are 100% made in Italy, a guarantee of the highest quality in every step of development, from design to the finished product.

Quality that you can feel when you wear Kynotex during training: “Rarely have I found such softness, I am at ease during exercises because garments fit perfectly with my every movement and always give me a feeling of freshness”.

This is due to the exceptional breathability of the Kynotex sportswear, which even under the most extreme conditions and maximum physical exertion allows you to stay dry and not suffer any temperature changes.

Find out more about Davide Arici and Kynotex sportswear by visiting his details page!