A single garment to show your full potential with maximum comfort, without suffering temperature changes and feeling sweaty.

We selected precious fibers and modified them ad hoc to produce high quality yarns with specific features: our garments are bacteriostatic, they strongly reduce the formation of bad smell and allow an optimal perspiration of the skin, allowing the humidity generated by the physical effort to be transferred outside, always maintaining the right temperature without causing an unpleasant feeling of wetness.

Kynotex Functional Knitting Areas™ are special knitted structures designed for the areas of the body with the most perspiration, differentiated for men and women.


Kynotex garments fit perfectly with the morphology of your musculature: each line of the garment is designed to follow your movements and minimize the rubbing of tissue on your skin, preventing irritation and redness.

Four different weaving techniques depending on the area of the body and the specific functions required, to ensure an ergonomic design that allows your best performance.

Kynotex fibres are elasticized in four directions, ensuring effective freedom of movement.


All Kynotex garments combine multiple factors:

the bacteriostatic feature that prevents the formation of unpleasant smell and the resulting skin irritations,

the extremely low weight and an unprecedented dynamic of perspiration and sweat transfer thanks to the Kyno Thermic Transfer™ technology,

a system that is able to create a thermoregulating inner tube between the skin and the fabric


The preliminary study of the body shapes and the choice of modified fibres, that have been made hollow and therefore the lightest in nature, has led us to create a product that envelops and supports the muscles without compressing.

Kynotex products guarantee a feeling of lightness and a flawless performance even after a long period of continuous use.

Whether you are competing, traveling, or making sports activities over several days, you will no longer have to carry extra clothes with you that unnecessarily weigh down your luggage.


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