Science confirms this

The University of Yale gives us a completely - neuropsychological – new perspective of resilience:
the resilience is the ultimate goal of human maturity.
Resilient people were not born such, but they are the result of their history, starting from childhood and from how they were raised by the family environment. 

We are mammals and it is through care first, and the social relationships we create later, that the nervous system matures. 

That is how we found out that the production of oxytocin, which is very important for resilience, is stimulated from affectionate physical contact or even just from the sight of loved ones or small children.
Resilient people enjoy closer connections and a wider circle of social relationships, in addition to being better able to express empathy and compassion for others. Would you ever said that feeling loved and loving stimulates resilience? 

With love we create resilient garments. 

All Kynotex products are stretched in 4 directions, guaranteeing you maximum freedom of movement; they resist the stresses due to physical effort, do not tear and do not suffer the unsightly pilling effect caused by rubbing. They maintain the original shape and size even after repeated use and washing, with alterations of less than 2%. 

There is nothing better than the feeling of enjoying our favorite sport in all conditions and at any time of the day, in the maximum comfort of breathability. 

Loving and making love stimulates resilience