"What fascinates you more about the marathon?", I asked one day to a young runner of which I trained his mind.

"The departure", he replied, "feeling me a part of a crazy crowd that chases the same goal, gives me chills and makes me want to run farther than everyone else".

For many agonists the most intense emotion, obviously after the victory, is that they live at the beginning of a competition: skiers ready to go from the starting gate, tennis and soccer players when they enter the field ..

At the "GO!", dreams, desires and success expectations throb in the heart.

It’s the intense adventure thrill that begins.

The arrival, on the other hand, is the end, which may or may not be exciting.

Often, the end of a workout brings with it the feeling of having done something important, positive for themselves. Other times it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, or a sense of disappointment.

In the middle there is the journey, the most important part of the adventure, which makes sense both at the start than at the finish. The journey is the discovery, the effort, the way you deal with difficulties, it’s the moment of the race where you are face to face with yourself, when your legs fly or drag.

It often happened to me to run, there was a lot of road but I was already in reserve. The others passed me and I encouraged myself by telling me to react. The legs didn't listen to me, they were heavy, they did not leave the ground... meanwhile the others walked away with their backs to me. In those moments I wanted to stop, to drop everything.

But if you are a true sportsman you don't do it: you continue step by step, pedaling after pedaling, stroke after stroke and you don't give up; you go, even if you go at the turtle speed.

Kynotex adventure has begun for us, the journey is long but this "GO!" it's the first word of a magical trip. The love and the desire for a personal project sustain us.

Abraham Maslow, founding father of humanist psychology, placed at the top of the human needs pyramid, the need of "self-realization".

And after all who said that you can not realize yourselves as people through the race, the cycling, an epic marathon or an ironman ?!

Run towards the adventure!