You are running hard. It's not about shortness of breath and heavy legs, it's about thoughts that ballast you. You look at the clock constantly , you try to distract yourself, neverthless, time never passes. You ran just a little! Why is running so hard for you?

It’s the fault of BRAKING MIND.

Running in the opposite direction, you meet someone else who greets you, as often happens between runners; you look at him: his run is easy, free, fluid, his expression is serene. He is sweaty but he does not look tired. Will he be younger? Will he more trained?

Perhaps ... above all, he is kidnapped by his journey and he relies on the RUNNING MIND.

I will go against the tide, but I would argue that running is among the most mentally complicated sport. Do you know why?

Because it's easy, it's one of the most natural things in the world and apparently everyone can run. A workout and an incredibile physique are not enough to express the best of your legs and body, if motivation collapses, if you have not a sense of self-efficacy, if you are not resilient. Good lungs and training are not enough if anxiety and nightmare of the clock take your breath away, if a bad performance fear or a bad figure dread, cut your legs.

It’s all decided by your mind, in the secret place where emotions intertwined with desires and the run flies, where tenacity born and is nourished, chasing a dream, a project, a goal.

Kynotex supports and walks together all runners, of all levels and ages: those who run for passion, to lose weight, for prestigious results or for smaller personal satisfaction, no less significant.

Do not expect lists, we will not give you information on times, distances or weekly outings.

We offer you what we do well: we work with fabrics and with the mind.

We offer you technical garments with exceptional characteristics, designed and entirely produced by us in Italy, and we help you to train your mind.

The braking mind and the running mind