A new athlete joins the Kynotex Pro Team: Nicola Loda, former professional cyclist, athletic trainer and spinning teacher, who wears Kynotex garments during daily training in the gym.

Nicola has taken part in many of the most important races in the cycling history and today he dedicates himself to teaching with charisma and passion: his long career has made him able to recognize the quality of a fabric designed for professional athletes when he tests it.

“I feel very comfortable wearing Kynotex garments because they are exceptionally breathable and allow me to stay dry even after intense training” Nicola explains, “it really is a quality sportswear line”.

Nicola has chosen to wear the net sleeveless undershirt and the AIR t-shirt, two highlights of our catalogue that are particularly suitable for those who practice activities related to cycling.

Find out more about Nicola Loda and Kynotex garments on his page!