In the Kynotex brand two souls coexist: the artisan one, close to the "savoir-faire" resulting from more than forty years of experience in the textile sector, and the innovation-oriented one, which pushes us to search for fibers, solutions and cutting-edge tools for the production of our sportswear.

This spirit of "technological craftsmen", as we like to call ourselves, permeates every aspect of our production and is closely linked to the concept of Made in Italy, which for us is much more than just a label, but a real way of working.

One of Kynotex's priorities is to guarantee the well-being and professional fulfilment of our team, pursuing a production process that is far removed from "low cost" dynamics and which respects the ecosystem: we avoid the overproduction typical of mass production and we do not release polluting waste into the environment. 

All this translates into a product development process in which every stage is geared towards achieving excellence.

Starting from the analysis of materials, through the selection of fibers to the study of the details of each garment to make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible during physical effort, every aspect of the creation of our garments is taken care of in detail.

Constant research into the best solutions is translated into production using innovative tubular knitting machines that allow the yarn to be transformed into high-performance 3D garments.

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