In order to stay healthy and in good physical shape, sporting activity is fundamental: never before have we felt the lack of it, often with repercussions on our general well-being.

Now that it is possible to get back into sport, it is the right time to pick up where you left off and, for the lazy ones, take the opportunity to discover a physical activity that can bring benefits for body and mind.

From climbing to yoga, Kynotex garments meet the needs of both professionals and those approaching a sport for the first time, ensuring training in maximum comfort, thanks to four weaving techniques differentiated according to body area and function, for an ergonomic design that guarantees excellent performance.

The high quality fibres of our products have been modified and enriched with special molecules with a bacteriostatic function, which guarantee maximum thermoregulation, exceptional breathability and protection against unpleasant odours.

Choose Kynotex and rediscover the pleasure of playing sports: visit our shop to find the garments that best suit your needs!