Camilla Pasetto, pilates teacher and trainer, joined the Kynotex Pro Team. She has found in Kynotex the ideal sportswear for her activity, which requires garments that ensure comfortand great freedom of movement.

“I chose Kynotex sportswear because it gives me greater comfort on my skin than other fabrics; I have the feeling that the clothes move with me and the fit remains the same during all the movements, which in the case of pilates can be particularly wide” explains Camilla.

This is possible because the Kynotex garments adapt perfectly to the morphology of the muscles: each line of the garment is designed to follow the movements and minimize the rubbing of the fabric on the body. The Kynotex fibres are elasticized in four directions, in order to guarantee easy movements even during the most complex exercises.

When teaching pilates, Camilla often has to go from movement to the moment of stopping when she corrects her students, with a consequent body cooling: when wearing Kynotex garments, this does not cause any wet feeling, because the special fibres our products are made of ensure maximum breathability and thermoregulation, as well as protection against unpleasant odours.

If you would like to know more about Camilla and find out which Kynotex garments she chose, please visit her details page!