Designed and manufactured in Italy, Kynotex face masks combine the cutting-edge technology of our sportswear with maximum protection and comfort.

Starting from the know-how in the sportswear production, in which the artisan passion for detail is combined with three-dimensional knitting technology, we have developed our new product selecting valuable hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic technical fibers, with 90% silver ions that guarantee breathability and protection. 

For Kynotex, maximum performance can only be achieved by ensuring total comfort: the awareness matured in the development of sportswear that follows the body structure and ensures support and lightness has been concretized in our filter face masks: soft, ergonomic, with zero seams and water-repellent, for a feeling of dry skin even after many hours of use.

Available in two colours, black and white, our product is in one size only, but it adapts and adheres perfectly to both male and female faces, thanks to the special knitting techniques.

Immediately ready to use once received, the special fibers in our face masks ensure a protection that is not altered by washing, making them washable and reusable without limits.

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