Our new website is finally online: a window on the Kynotex world where you can find the most suitable technical sportswear for your needs and learn more about our project.

The heart of our website is the e-commerce: in the Shop you can discover all our products and easily find the perfect one for you, thanks to our filters and detailed product fiches where you can read the complete description of the garment with the technical information you need before proceeding with your purchase.

The Kynotex project want to create a community of sportsmen and sportswomen who, sharing passions, needs and intuitions, contribute to the growth of our clothing lines. In our new website you will find the page Kynotex Lab, an area where you can register and have a direct communication channel with us, receiving exclusive offers, previews and news from the Kynotex world.

If you are a sports pro who believes in the quality of research and results, Kynotex products are the ideal solution for you, your team and your athletes. The page dedicated to the Kynotex Pro project allows you to learn more about how we want to design our sales network and have more information about the role of Kynotex testimonial.

Visit our Magazine to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Kynotex world and read interesting articles and news, so you can learn more about the development of our project and discover curiosities on the subject of sports.

We hope you enjoy our new website!

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