High-quality raw materials, ergonomic study of anatomical components and craftsmanship: these are the characteristics that make Kynotex products exceptional. 

Faithful to an artisan tradition to which we are linked by more than 40 years of experience, we know how to combine handcrafted quality with the use of cutting-edge tools, innovative tubular knitting machines that transform the yarn into high-performance 3D garments.

The creation of our garments starts from the ergonomic study of the anatomical structures, to offer you a product that supports the shapes of your body and adapts perfectly to the morphology of your muscles, minimizing the rubbing of the tissue on the skin to prevent irritation.

The best textile fibers are modified ad hoc to produce yarns of the highest level and with features that make them unique in their kind: Kynotex garments are made of 100% silver fibers and are bacteriostatic, ensure perspiration of the skin and significantly reduce the formation of unpleasant smell.

Wearing them during sports activities allows the humidity generated by the physical effort to be transferred outside, always maintaining the right temperature without causing an unpleasant feeling of wetness.

The quality of your sports performance also depends on the comfort of the clothing, so our garments have a tight but comfortable fit and the seams have been reduced to a minimum thanks to the realization through state-of-the-art textile machinery with 3D tubular technology.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, for your performance choose the 100% Italian quality of Kynotex technical and technological garments: visit our shop now!

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